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Retreats to Release Your Pain & 
Redesign Your Life

Revealing the Gifts of Grief

Offering both On-Location Experiences
AND  virtual zoom sacred gatherings!

Coming up: Half-Day VIRTUAL RETREAT November 20, 2021

"Unraveling Grief:

Managing Grief Over the Holidays"





9am-12:30pm PT/12n-3:30pm ET


 If you have experienced deep sorrow from the pain of loss and are ready to discover the gifts grief offers to embrace life and thrive, then join Teri Wilder and Meghan Smith Brooks for a healing, transforming and empowering retreat at one of their on location experiences or a Virtual Zoom sacred gathering. 


Is a Transformational Healing Retreat for YOU? 

It is if...

  • You are impacted by grief from loss in life? For any reason?

  • Your feelings are holding you back from acceptance, forgiveness and ultimately healing? ...

  • You are wondering if there is a way to move forward to embrace life and thrive after loss?  

  • Your grief is triggered by the thought of upcoming holiday or anniversary dates and don't know how you will navigate through them?

                                  ARE ready to say 'YES' to discovering the hidden gifts within grief by joining us at one of our grief healing retreats!

Our retreats allow for a time to explore how unraveling grief to embrace life to thrive can be an opportunity to honor ourselves in a new and transformed way. We invite you to support your own healing and transformation this year by saying “YES" to joining us for one of our empowering virtual in-person retreats (when safe to offer) in 2022! Each one a time to heal by releasing, renewing, replenishing and relaxing!

About Our Retreats

Unity Awakening Ways is proud to present empowering virtual and on-site retreats facilitated by Rev. Meghan Smith Brooks and Teri Wilder. These amazing retreat leaders will lead you through powerful and transforming healing processes based on their personal experiences of pain and loss in life, offering practical tools, practices, guided meditations, sound healing, incredible  musical enrichment, and journaling activities. You will leave with the new realization of the hidden gifts within grief as the legacy of the love you grieve, and the key to embracing life transformed!

No matter what the source of your current experience of grief triggered by the pain of loss, you will find a new sense of how to cope with, process and experience life and all that impacts so many of us who:

  • Have lost a loved one

  • Have lost a home, job or relationship

  • Have been abused or betrayed in life and grieve the love you desire and deserve

There is support for each of you who truly want to heal the pain, sadness and grief over the loss of those roles in your life. Our mission is to provide a safe and confidential space, tools and practices, allowing for emotional healing and the discovery of gifts being offered to experience a more meaningful life.

During your Transformational Healing Retreat, You Will Enjoy:


The amazing company of like-minded souls  whether via a healing online experience or in person face-to-face!


You can be in the comfort of your own home with all the conveniences at hand with on-demand beverages and snacks at-will OR on-site where you will experience a sacred setting that offers you all you need to be immersed in a to space to nurture and heal. 


Amazing music, transformation exercises, connections and experiences to deepen personal and spiritual exploration, with sound healing and guided meditations to support powerful shifts!


Empowering group discussions and sharing to support each other with the wisdom we all have to offer - and to know we are not alone in our experiences.


Personal sharing from our retreat leaders, their journeys through grief - and how they have healed and transformed their own pain!


That ultimately we ALL experience some form of loss, pain and grief in life, and when we have the TOOLS to navigate the way, we CAN experience a meaningful, enjoyable and empowering life BECAUSE we had the COURAGE to walk through to the other side!


What you will receive as benefits to YOU:
(Besides the opportunity of experiencing Rev. Meghan & Teri's presence!)

New Understanding

How grief, pain and loss offer a gift for healing and transformation

New Perspective

Realizing the power we have to choose how to live

Personal Empowerment

The confidence and awareness of your Divine Self to love and guide you

Healing and Transformation

Emotional healing at a deep level that transforms the energy of grief, pain and loss


Rev. Meghan

Smith Brooks

Rev. Meghan is an Ordained Unity Minister with experience in spiritual education since 1995, a Certified Grief Coach, Author, Speaker, Retreat Leader & Singer. She is Co-Founder of alternative ministry Unity Awakening Ways with Rev. Michael Brooks, her husband; Author of “Unraveling Grief; A Mother’s Spiritual Journey of Healing and Discovery”, with foreword by Marianne Williamson, based on the murder of her son in 2013 and how it has called her to support others on their grief journey. She  has also produced 2 Guided-Meditation CD’s.

Her mission is to make a difference in the world by empowering others through unraveling and transforming grief to embrace life and experience a more meaningful life of gratitude.

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Teri Wilder

Teri is a minister of music and meditation on a mission to introduce the world to the power of songs and gongs that help to de-stress, calm the mind, boost creativity, and support balance and well-being.

As a Singer/Songwriter,Certified Sound Healer, Reiki Master, and Certified Medical Intuitive, Teri blends the science of music with the meditative benefits of songs, sounds, and healing energy into perfect harmony. In  2019 she opened her private practice, the Teri Wilder Healing Sanctuary, in San Diego, and this year she will be certified as a Medical intuitive. She has 4 CD’s of original music and a gong meditation CD, all promoting peace, inspiration, and wellness.

Visit Teri's website for more info:  

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***2022 in Planning - Stay Tuned -
it will be exciting!!



“Meeting with Meghan provided me with the tools I needed to move forward courageously. I found her patience and words very supportive and encouraging. Gaining perspective under such tumultuous times was important to me. I needed to get a grip on the reality of my feelings to be the leader I desire to be. There can be a lot to sort through, the grieving process brings out "hidden" feelings and Meghan was very effective at leading me through it. Thank you for your support Meghan!” 


“The Author gives you tools to help you through your grief journey. An easy inspirational read for anyone going thru the grief process.”


"Receiving my first Sound Healing & Reiki experience from Teri Awakened a part of my subconsciousness that had been asleep for some time. I didn’t realize the amount of heaviness I had been carrying around, related to the stagnant energy within me. I left the session feeling lighter and more aware of who I really am. The time spent with her was such a blessing for my soul, heart, mind and body! "


“Grief is part of life and the course Unraveling Grief to Thrive provides coaching, tools, and exercises to help reveal where blocks occur that may prevent us from moving through the grief process. Meghan is a wise and compassionate coach. She was always willing to listen and provided helpful insight. She celebrated my success and progress but most importantly through the course she helped me to integrate and work through the grief experience so that rather than just surviving I feel more present and fully alive. This course helped me to begin living my life in a manner that honored my husband’s life. The videos were good; just the right length and the exercises and tools were useful in clarifying my thinking and feelings. Best of all, if I ever feel stuck I always have access to them. They can also be applicable to other life experiences and situations. I highly recommend this course and working with Meghan Smith Brooks.”


" I was in the hospital recovering from major surgery when I first experienced Teri’s amazing Reiki healings. I was in a lot of pain and felt so miserable I couldn’t even speak. Experiencing Teri’s incredible loving presence and powerful Reiki healings was a turning point in my recovery.”

***2022 in Planning - Stay Tuned -
it will be exciting!!


What is a Virtual Retreat About?

Have you Asked Yourself?

  • Are you impacted by grief from the pain of loss in life? And overwhelmed with sadness as the holidays approach? 

  • Has your grief become an obstacle, holding you back from a potentially joyful holiday season? 

  • What if you had a plan to prepare for the holidays and create a meaningful experience? One that both honors your feelings of sadness and allows for all involved to participate in the reason we celebrate? 


By joining Teri Wilder and Meghan Smith Brooks on Saturday, November 20th for our empowering “Managing Grief Over the Holidays” Virtual Retreat, you will be provided:


* Uplifting tools and materials to support you in the process of creating a plan of how to prepare for holiday grief triggers, both for yourself and/or others, potentially starting new holiday traditions that lay a foundation for a meaningful and special season.

* A plan that allows for you to share your tears, remember personal stories, and discern ways to honor who or what you grieve - whether alone or gathering with others, in person or virtually.


Listen to a personal invitation to invest in your healing and wholeness:



Via ZOOM 9am-12:30pm PT or 12n-3:30pm ET

Comfort breaks will be planned :)





A Virtual Retreat to Release Your Pain

& Redefine Your Holidays



NOVEMBER 20, 2021- ONLY $99

9am-12:30pm PT or 12n-3:30pm ET 

with special bonus gifts for every registration!

  • ​A Zoom link will be sent upon registration and re-sent the day

       before as a reminder - we request you join via computer

       only, as phone access significantly reduces the overall

       experience and benefit of the retreat. Computer video allows

       the full visual effect with a more empowering participation!


  • All instruction will be provided during the retreat experience. We suggest having a journal or notepad with pen or pencil handy as we will be guiding you through some inner exploration exercises. We will send any documents with journal questions, guidelines, etc., in advance for you to download before the retreat begins. 

  • Gather what you may need to be comfortable; water bottle, coffee or tea mug, snacks to keep your energy up. We will take a few breaks for comfort, so no worries, all will be considered to make this a powerful healing and results-oriented investment of your time!

  • A full outline of how to prepare and what you may need to enhance your retreat experience will be sent in advance, but please feel free to send any questions you may have to email: - Say "Retreat Questions" in the subject line.

  • Invite your friends or family members to join you in this empowering experience!





Please complete the registration form with your contact information, selecting which retreat you are signing up for. Then click on the PayPal button to make your retreat payment.


NOTE: You will need to enter the total you are paying once inside the PayPal link. This is a 2-step registration process. 

Cancellation Policy:



Payment plan for regular rate:A non-refundable deposit of $250 will hold your space for the retreat; Balance of $349 due on or before 4 weeks before retreat start date.

 * Deposit not available for Early Bird Rate

Any cancellation made in writing before 6-weeks prior to the retreat start date will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the retreat pricing. Any cancellation made after 6-weeks prior to retreat start date will be non-refundable. We reserve the right to cancel the retreat if the minimum number of registrations is not met. (If we do so your funds will be refunded in full.) Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended when making travel plans.

* In case of emergency, the trip may be transferable to another person, with the approval of the retreat leaders.


The Virtual Retreat offering is non-refundable, but funds paid may be used toward a future retreat experience if you are unable to participate. A written request to transfer funds to a future retreat is made at least 24 hours in advance of the start time of the retreat.

Please email to request transfer:

Subject line: Virtual Retreat Funds Transfer Request

Thank you for taking the time to read this important information!


Retreat Registration Information

Retreat Option

 **Please Enter your Payment with the PayPal Button Below

Thanks for Joining Us! You will receive your access link via email before the retreat start date along with additional material!


Please process retreat payment by clicking PayPal button. Enter your chosen retreat amount in the 0.00 PayPal processing page and follow instructions.

NOTE: If you prefer to pay by check, please mail to: Unity Awakening Ways % Retreat,

2224 Clough Ridge Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45230

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