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Is grief keeping you from living a life that honors your family member you mourn in empowering ways?

When you lost your loved one, everything collapsed around you. Tasks that were once simple have become impossible.

You’ve lost interest in engaging in things you normally would enjoy. Your family and friends are supportive, but you feel strain on those relationships, too. And worst of all, you know you're not honoring your loved one’s life within yours moving forward.


But there is a way to live again. After the murder of her son, Author Meghan Smith Brooks had to learn how to live for two - for herself AND her son - and she's here to help you do the same thing. 


In this Program you will learn:

• How to get out of bed and choose to live again. 

• The impact unresolved grief has on your mental, emotional and physical

  health and wholeness - and what you can do about it to begin breathing

  and engaging in life fully again. 

• How having the courage to process your grief can result in transforming

  sorrow, pain, and brokenness into gratitude, acceptance and wholeness,

  the hidden gifts within grief. 

• Tips on how to live with grief day after day in positive, empowering ways 

• How to identify the legacy your loved one’s life offers you that will not only

  enhance your inner being, but will result in you’re living with deeper

  meaning and purpose because they existed! 


Join Meghan if you are ready to heal and transform the pain of loss in an empowering course that facilitates unraveling grief to thrive in new ways that honor the life of your loved one and positively support’s you in your day-to-day living! 


2022 SPECIAL GIFT: Special offer to honor YOU as a personal gift to begin healing in 2022 - 25% off the full program (a $500 discount!) for a limited number of registrants choosing to gift themselves with this empowering opportunity to really heal and transform grief this year! PLUS receive a pdf copy of Meghan’s book, “Unraveling Grief: A Mother’s Spiritual Journey of Healing and Discovery” AND an extra 1-on-1 Coaching Session as your bonus because you said YES!  Claim your special now:)

(NOTE: Payment below through PayPal. You may opt to pay directly to Meghan Smith Brooks via Venmo or Messenger, or send check to Meghan Smith Brooks, 5730 N 21st ST, No 8, Tacoma, WA 98406, course accessible once check is cleared:)

Join me as One of a few special clients choosing to begin an Empowered 2022 - ACT NOW TO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!

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