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3 Options to Support us!

We gratefully receive your gifts!

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1) ** Donate to Our PayPal Account


Whether you have a PayPal account or not, you can make a donation using their service as Unity Awakening Ways has setup a merchant account with them.  Clicking on the PayPal button below will take you to the secure PayPal transaction site.  Once you are taken to the PayPal site, you will have the option of logging into your PayPal account or simply entering your credit / debit card information if you do not have a PayPal account.


There is no charge to you for this service, but the church pays a 2.9% plus 30 cents fee per donation for the use of the service.


** Donate using any other Online App you may have: Apple Pay or Messenger are a few options.

Just log in to your preferred App and send $ as directed. It will instruct you how to link a debit card to your account to send funds from. Send $ to Unity Awakening Ways Messenger Account which will link to our ministry bank account. Messenger has zero fees, so an easy choice.


2) **Donate via Check

Please mail your donation to Unity Awakening Ways by check using our mailing address: % Rev Michael Brooks, 5730 N 21st St, #8, Tacoma, WA 98406

3) ** Donate via Monthly Pledge to Unity Awakening Ways

Please read and fill-in your desired monthly commitment: 

Unity Awakening Ways

Prosperity Pledge of Support


We are asking you to invest in our present and our future. This pledge is your financial agreement to support the vision & mission of our Unity Awakening Ways Ministry. Your pledge will allow us to create a budget for the year and support our continued spiritual education development and programming.

Our Vision

Realization of Wholeness and 

Oneness for all Beings.”




Our Mission

“To encourage humanity to experience the divine within; to teach, practice and demonstrate spiritual principle.”

We recognize that everyone has different life circumstances. Please assess your overall financial resources, and make your pledge based on a percentage of your income you are willing to pledge.

A 10% pledge shows a deep commitment and willingness to invest whole-heartedly in our mission and vision. ​



The same is true of our time. Based on a forty hour workweek - Four hours per week is considered a 10% time investment. 

We hope to inspire many 10% pledges as we focus on building a culture of Generosity, Gratitude and Abundance. 

If 10% would cause you hardship, please be as generous as your situation allows. We are grateful for ALL financial pledges, no matter the amount.

Pledge Commitment Form


Please complete & return, we will contact you to confirm set-up:

Thank you for your commitment!

What We Teach

There is a harmonizing presence in everything. Some call it God.

It is the creative energy consistent and constant and it animates all.

I express my nature in everything I think, say and do.

I create a more peaceful experience of life with the help of Wisdom gained through

Prayer, Meditation and Compassion 

All that is, is all there is

It is me and I am it

I express it through me

I evolve using it to guide me

Life is better when I connect with it. 

It is Love.


Your participation in our Unity Evolving Alternative Ministry will not only enhance your own spiritual growth and development, but will make a difference in the global consciousness of humanity as a whole.


 “For wherever two or more are gathered, the Christ presence within is radiating a vibration of wholeness for all to receive.” 


We gratefully receive your gifts as participation in the laws of prosperity that benefit all beings everywhere, all the time, without exception!


With appreciate for all that is,

Rev’s Michael Brooks and Meghan Smith Brooks

Co-Founders and Spiritual Leaders of

Unity Awakening Ways

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